When home improvements go wrong (Rousse)

When I walked into the kitchen I noticed that TPR had moved some of the appliances. A huge white freezer stood in the hob’s usual spot, and next to it was the tumble dryer. I also spotted that the sink was over by the dresser. Then I saw that the existing sink hadn’t moved at all. The one by the dresser was just another sink: there was now a total of four in the room. A further change was the installation of a white formica island in the middle of the kitchen.

When I peered through to the sitting room I saw that this was also a complete mess, crammed with new furniture. In the hall one of the cupboards had been transformed into a (rather random, and tiny) en suite bedroom.

TPR explained that all these changes were the result of his “hard work” while I had been at the office all day. I responded with two concerns: how would the decorator get in to repaper the sitting room walls, and how would we ever manage to sell the house in the future with this new, and very peculiar, layout?

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