Digerati dismissal (Rousse)

TPR drove me to the networking event as soon as I finished my baking. This one was even posher than the last, held in the river-side home of the regular sponsors. They had put on the most magnificent spread and invited what appeared to be the entire digital media community.

I’d barely made it through the door when the daughter of the hosts approached me and said that her parents needed to speak to me urgently. She told me that they would no longer invite me along to these gatherings unless I agreed to stop organising “competing” events in London. I racked my brains to try and work out which events they meant. It was a long time since I had organised anything in London, and that was a one-day conference for librarians, i.e. nothing to do with digital media.

I concluded that they were just making things up to get rid of me. Perhaps the real reason that they didn’t want me there was that I had turned up still wearing my flour-caked apron?

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