Sting beats Mick Jagger in conversation competition (Rousse)

Sting was giving his full attention to AD, but I didn’t mind because I knew that my turn would come eventually. I made myself comfortable knitting on the sofa listening to Eddie Mair in the second half of Radio 4’s PM programme.

When Sting and AD ended their conversation and I moved into position. I told Sting all about our family trip to Aberfeldy in Easter 1979. During that holiday I read A man for all seasons in the bath as preparation for my English Literature O level exam, and my sisters and I begged my parents to play Radio 1 whenever we were out and about in the car. I recalled singing along to The sultans of swing by Dire Straits and catterwauling to Cool for cats by Squeeze from the back seat of the silver Granada. Sting didn’t correct me when I also mentioned De Do Do Do De Da Da Da by the Police, even though this single wasn’t released until December 1980.

Sting listened to all this intently, then told me a thing or two about his own life. I was impressed at his fitness given his age, and congratulated him on his conversational style. He was so much more interesting than Mick Jagger.

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