A morning movie, confectionary choices, and a strange site for seaweed (Rousse)

I watched BC’s latest movie in the campus cinema at the bottom of the tower block. As usual, I didn’t quite understand the whole thing, but very much enjoyed the experience, as did BC’s other fans. At the film’s conclusion we were invited to queue up and choose something to eat from a small pop-up shop in the corner of the room. It was 05:00am and almost breakfast time, so I decided to take a cereal bar. Unfortunately so did many others, and by the time my turn came to pick my confectionary I had to opt for my second choice: a fun-sized Twix.

A budding PhD student followed me out of the cinema and up the stairs, hopeful for a chat in my office. I apologised that I didn’t have time to meet because I had to rush off to my Hebridean swimming/sailing/walking class.

A greater priority, however, was to get rid of the seaweed that had taken root inside my mouth. This was an unexpected side-effect of almost a whole week of water sports on the Isle of Lewis. I was too embarrassed to admit to this odd marine plant affliction.

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