Apples, camping gear, and a cardigan (Rousse)

JC and I volunteered to help set up the pitch at the outdoor festival. First of all we had to collect the stock for the stall. The young woman in charge drove our Land Rover to the depot. There we loaded the first batch that we found into the trailer and set off for the venue.

It was pouring down by the time that we turned into the field. I realised that I was unsuitably dressed for a cold, wet afternoon in the open. All I had on under my blue Berghaus anorak was a thin white T shirt. Still, we had made a commitment to the organisers, so we parked next to a huge Bank of Scotland blow-up display and started unloading.

Our client at the site had expected a delivery of apples, so she was rather surprised to see that we were unpacking camping equipment. This was not “batch 18” as specified in her order. She demanded that we return to the depot. This was good news: as well as collecting the required goods, on the way back I’d also be able to pick up a cardigan.

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