A meeting and a feast at the Institute of Information Scientists (Rousse)

Once super-organised, these days I regularly missed appointments. This was probably because I had stopping using an online calendar to record my forthcoming commitments. Instead, I had started writing them down on the pages of a paper diary.

So now here I was wandering the corridors of the Institute of Information Scientists at 3:20pm, hunting for a meeting that started twenty minutes earlier. Meanwhile my University friends were partying across town without me. JS had told everyone that I would be at the reunion soon, but I was beginning to doubt this.

Just as I decided that I would skip the meeting, the Institute’s fearsome secretary caught me in a dark corridor.

‘Oh there you are!’ she exclaimed. ‘We’re all waiting for you. Please hurry along.’

I followed her into the meeting room. Everyone beamed at me. Now that I was present, they would be permitted to tuck into the feast laid out on the table. I now knew that all hopes of making it to the reunion were dashed forever.

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