UK-Australia: best two-for-one return flight ticket deal (Rousse)

After rejecting membership of a new running club, and the designs by a pair of old women for our new bathroom, TPR and I walked up to the Australian embassy to organise a day return trip to the other side of the world.

During the flight to Australia, I flirted with a bunch of financial traders who were making a business trip to Sydney. I was particularly taken by the young Asian man. What a fine head of glossy black hair he sported!

We landed and picked up a shared hire car. The other passengers – three middle aged women dressed in identical outfits – looked very alike. Were they triplets, or a pair of twins and a sibling? The answer was neither. They were sisters. One pulled out a photograph album and showed us several pictures of the three of them, all wearing the same dress, in various poses. Here it was obvious that although their faces were almost identical, their body shapes were quite different, ranging from average to enormous.

The sisters were astonished that we were returning to the UK later the same day to endure the torture of the long flight again. ‘We only came in person to buy a flight ticket for the future from this end. This is the best way to purchase two-for-one flights to Australia from the UK’, explained TPR.

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