On the town with Mark Kermode (Belle)

Our large group left the nightclub and wandered down the strange high street, only to see an old-school Routemaster bus coming over the hill. We ran excitedly to board our night-bus.

I knew we needed to change to another bus, but when I turned around to ask everyone for further details, I was the only person on board. It was that strange time of day. Some people were coming home from a night out, some were starting a new day. But none of them could tell me where to catch the bus. Eventually, I walked into an old building to ask the concierge, only to find her deep in conversation Mark Kermode. My heart leapt with excitement. Too shy to even say hello, I hid in the shadows until he left, pulling his suitcase behind him.

Eventually, I found Parson’s Green tube station, which was built into a mountain, and I was on my way home.

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