Bitch confronts idiot (Rousse)

The renovations of the main building on the Corstorphine campus of Queen Margaret College rendered it almost unrecognisable. Gone, for example, was the old refectory, replaced with small takeaway outlets scattered around the campus.

I wondered what had become of the second set of steps down the main hallway when I heard from behind the words ‘Bitch, bitch, bitch’. I knew that voice, and it didn’t belong here. For too long I had tolerated this idiot’s insults. This had to end.

I told him to sit down and demanded he stop this childish behaviour when – out of the blue – my undergraduate colleagues SH and DS showed up. I was impressed that they had tracked me down, but concerned that they had interrupted me mid-speech. I took them aside to explain the extent to which I loathed this man, and the importance of his removal from my life – forever.

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