University fairground attraction with lemon drizzle cake (Rousse)

I panicked when I first arrived at work because I thought that I had forgotten to pack my trousers. It was such a relief to find them at the bottom of my bag, and be able to dress for a day in the office.

Before classes and meetings started, however, all academics, PhD students and those in professional services roles were summoned to a massive staff assembly. I followed PhD graduates IB, LM, JM, FR to a table in the corner of the hall. On my way there, an administrator thrust a huge slice of lemon drizzle cake into my hand.

We had only just settled into our seats when we learnt that we had been volunteered for a test run of the University’s new fun fair. Our tables and chairs transformed into a small open cabin hoisted high into the air. We spun past all the main buildings on campus, able to peer into offices, class rooms, labs, and libraries on all levels. Colleagues who had decided to give the assembly a miss stared out of their windows in astonishment.

I felt sorry for anyone who suffered from motion sickness. I also pitied JB. She complained loudly that this experience would make her late for her keynote speech later that morning.

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