Mystery grapes found in death-trap car in Newcastle (Rousse)

Sandyford Road was almost empty of traffic, most likely due to the pandemic restrictions. This suited me as I drove to my new seconded post at the University of Northumbria. I’d easily make it to the office on time.

Then I took a wrong turn, tried to correct it, drifted back onto the main road into the face of oncoming traffic, and my brakes failed. The car eventually came to a halt in the gutter outside a row of terraced houses.

One of the brightly-coloured terrace doors opened and a man emerged to check the commotion. He was appalled at the state of the car and its contents. He pulled a bunch of solid clear glass (or plastic?) grapes out of the glove compartment. With a quick glance and a grin he declared ‘Aha, SEH!’ then disappeared back into his house once more.

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