A hundred in Haltwhistle (Rousse)

RB planned to celebrate her 100th birthday with a pool party in Haltwhistle, the UK’s outdoor swimming capital. Everyone would be there, including EA from Hexham, and DE of Rhyl.

On the day, I arrived wearing a long silky dress over my swimming costume. Then I presented the birthday girl with a box of chocolates that I found at the bottom of my suitcase, wrapped with the message ‘Love from Simon, Nicholas and Frank’.

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2 Responses to A hundred in Haltwhistle (Rousse)

  1. walkingmarj says:

    I need to make rapid changes if we are to have a pool party. Let’s hope it is not a forecast for rain!!

  2. walkingmarj says:

    Hilarious. I need to rapidly change the arrangements for Sunday. Let’s hope it is not a forecast for rain!!

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