Lost in Edinburgh with lacrosse at the castle (Rousse)

The University chauffeur drove us through the Edinburgh Streets in the posh yellow car. This was extraordinary service for the two PhD students beside me. That said, the chauffeur obviously didn’t know the city that well when he took a turn towards Leith rather than the New Town.

I remembered the short cut that PD and WB had used through Holyrood Park the previous week, so advised the chauffeur that we take this route. This ‘road’ was a grassy track with a large deep puddle half way up the hill. We held our breath as the car sped through the water.

Our final destination was a fee-paying school based within a handsome castle. Grey and red uniformed pupils milled around the entrance, some brandishing lacrosse sticks. RS was agog: was this the school on which Hogwarts was based?

The chauffeur told us that he had to leave us here so that he could set off on his next assignment. His instruction was to track down a lecturer called Gordon Sinclair in the far north of Scotland. Sinclair was apparently living a life of luxury on a University salary, even though he was no longer employed by the institution.

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