Killer Brillo pads (Belle)

A student was showing me his paper-based Breakfast Survey which he was distributing to commuters at Brockley station. I challenged him, angrily:

“So basically you’re simply asking people at which of the expensive cafes near the station they bought their breakfast? What about normal people like me who make their own breakfast before they go to the station? And can you explain please why ‘swede’ is down as a breakfast food option?”

The Daily Telegraph featured an interactive story that combined picturesque villages covered in bunting with steam trains and had a headline along the lines of “How Great is Great Britain? It’s the Greatest!”.

A colleague was holding a noisy speakerphone interview in the common room. “Now, Andrew, oven cleaning pads kill over 20% of the population of Honduras. Can you tell us more about this story please?”  We were going to turn this interview into a podcast.

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