Dead man chairs a game of classroom charades (Rousse)

Everyone was seated on rows of chairs in a classroom for the lunchtime game of charades. Those in the front row performed first. Then, as soon as someone in the audience made a correct guess, everyone moved forward a row and the next set of ‘actors’ took the ‘stage’.

Because I was ‘special’, I was not required to line up and wait my turn to entertain my colleagues. Instead I was matched with three others as soon as I entered the room. We had a quick discussion of Strangers in the night, then turned to the audience to perform our piece.

There was complete silence in the room as we mimed our way through the short scene. Rather than shout out multiple guesses throughout, only one person spoke, and he saved his comment until we finished. Happily, however, he came up with the right answer.

It was only when the chairman of the proceedings called for everyone to shift seats again was that I noticed MH was in charge. How could this be possible? Hadn’t he died in 2016?

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