Christmas and Lindtt chocolates in Nottingham (Rousse)

In Nottingham AN interrupted the overweight yellow Harris Tweed clad waitresses as they gossiped about their boss’ complicated love life.

“Do you serve lunch on Christmas Day?’ she asked.

I was aghast that the idea of not preparing the festive family meal herself would ever cross AN’s mind.

I didn’t catch the waitresses’ reply because I was in a rush to catch the next train into the city centre for an onward connection north. I was just about to cross the road to the railway station when SC called after me to say that there would be no local trains for another two hours. Would I like to abandon my travel plans and instead go drinking with her, VG and VG’s partner M?

My acceptance of this kind invitation led to the highlight of the day for me: trading Lindtt chocolates with VG.

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