Sea monster victim organises a lift home (Rousse)

I was an extra in a new Dr Who spin-off. Despite our requests, none of the ‘actors’ on my grade were informed in advance of the plot. This was to add to the authenticity of the monster scenes.

SPL and HJ had also signed up for roles. For our first assignment we were bathers in a roof-top swimming pool of viscous blue cling-film. The actress who had played the first black Dr Who was also in this scene, but we were not permitted look at her.

Seconds in, SPL was swallowed up by a sea monster.

Then we were all marshalled into a red double decker bus to be transported through Leeds to Harrogate. The bus stopped at a junction at the end of a terraced street in Harrogate to allow SPL to disembark.

It was so obvious that this had all been planned. Unlike the rest of us, SPL had been informed of the plot and her short-lived role. She had also managed to persuade the producer to give her a lift home after she had completed her part.

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