Fashion disaster spots hidden features of ‘new’ British Library (Rousse)

It was time for me to return to work after a long absence due to sick leave. I found some smart clothes to wear: black tights under a long tweed shirt, a back polo neck top, and a tweed jacket.

Just as it was time to leave the house, I noticed in the daylight that the tights and top were navy blue, and that the skirt and jacket clashed horribly. I really should have returned to my room to change and correct these errors, but I didn’t have time. In any case, I didn’t expect to teach that day. I could easily hide my wardrobe malfunction in my office.

En route to campus I passed through the British Library. Now that it had ‘bedded in’ its users were beginning to discover all the hidden features, such as the swipeable sculpted frieze to the right of the main staircase. I also spotted a man using rock climbing techniques to gain access to the second floor reading rooms.

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