Hamleys for the depressed (Rousse)

Bored, lonely and depressed in London, I headed off to Hamleys.

On the ground floor I visited the dull Hitchhikers’ Guide to the Galaxy exhibition. Then I walked up several flights of stairs with a pair of very overweight American twins* to the fifth floor. Here I wandered through the displays of Victorian toys, including encased dolls made from the bodies of deceased children. They were hardly cheering.

Later SH picked me up in her car and drove me and TPR through a beautiful snowy landscape. I knew that SH had suffered from depression herself in the past, so spoke openly about my feelings. However, neither she nor TPR was interested in my plight. They were more concerned with the health of the sheep and deer that appeared to be frozen solid in the fields.

*Six months later the twins had slimmed to under half their former body weight and won a whole host of awards for their achievement.

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