An encounter with a narcissist robot (Rousse)

I was an unexpected, and unwelcome, guest at the house of a woman who was in my year at school. We barely knew one another. I had simply spoken to EC, a retired accountant, at a couple of reunions in recent years. However, I needed somewhere to stay for the night, and this place was as good as any other.

A second person had landed on EC and her family. She had also been at our school, but I couldn’t remember her at all. I asked if she was Indian or Pakinstani. She explained that her family came to the UK from East Africa in 1972 with only a few shillings to their name, and that she was Jewish.

Although EC was inconvenienced by my visit, she soon put me to work. If I would stay in and look after the children, then she and her husband could pop out to the pub with their friends from university. At first I was happy to do this. I decided to teach the children the game of Empire. However, I soon had second thoughts when I discovered that the baby of the family was a rather uncooperative white narcissist robot who believed that he was superior to everyone else – simply because he had once appeared on Tomorrow’s World.

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