George Clooney and a Sisters of Mercy lookalike above the snow line (Rousse)

We were going camping with our French friends above the snow line in the north west of Scotland. Access to the site was via Forestry Commission trails, first on the dirt track along the shoreline of the loch, then up the almost vertical muddy slopes of the mountainside. CM (aka S) drove us in her four-wheel drive jeep. Without her we would never have made it to the summit.

We were surprised at the number of people who lived above the snow line. One boasted that the corner shop there was the busiest in the UK, especially on days when there was a fresh delivery of groceries.

I was keen to set up camp, although I now began to remember all those things that I had forgotten to pack, including my glasses case. TPR, meanwhile, went on a wander.

I later rediscovered TPR with our University friend SL talking to some French friends. At a table in a once-posh dining room, SL was explaining in French to Monsieur and Madame M that she was no longer played the merry widow.

Suddenly TPR’s youngest sister burst into the room to say that everyone had a treat in store. She was followed by a crowd of rather glamorous-looking individuals (certainly not campers) that included George Clooney. We were apparently all invited to travel to warmer climes for a party at the house of George’s ex-girlfriend Mati. I found this hard to believe until George Clooney spoke to me (George spoke to ME!) himself. Everyone was welcome, even the BBC crew members in our midst.

As I started packing for the next stage of our adventure a BBC engineer approached me to ask about SL’s marital status. He loved her for her 1980s big hair style and Sisters of Mercy look. Did I know if she available?

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