A pop art philanderer (Rousse)

I had arranged to meet SC for a drink after work at 6:30pm, and it was already 6:35pm. I really couldn’t afford to be any later for our appointment so I abandoned the mess on my desk and headed out the door.

SC herself was late. We actually found one another outside Tesco at Holy Corner rather than in the bar. She was accompanied by TPR, who looked fabulous. Under a smart black coat he was wearing dark formal trousers and an amazing shirt that was decorated with a rows of multi-coloured pop art versions of the 1951 photograph of Einstein sticking out his tongue. SC herself looked pretty good too, in a long, flowing, burgundy dress.

I later discovered that SC had paid for TPR’s new look. This prompted me to wonder whether he had been up to his old tricks again. It was not long before he confessed to yet another marital infidelity.

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