Cupid strikes in Canterbury (Rousse)

I was reminded of the love-infused speed of ST when I watched a clean-shaven CSX race up the road to greet me and TPR. As soon as he reached us, CSX burst into tears. This was embarrassing.

I shooed TPR out of the way. By complete coincidence he ended up comforting another tearful middle-aged man (NTX).

Through his sobs, CSX confessed his distress. He knew that this was awkward, but he was in love with me. I told him that I loved him too, but probably not in the same way. Even so he cheered up considerably, then took my hand and led me through the streets of Canterbury. Meanwhile I considered how I could persuade him that I was not the woman for him, not least because he had a new wife.

Then things got really complicated when three people who knew us both, and happened to be on holiday in Kent, spotted us. I wondered just how soon the news that CSX and I were having a affair would reach Edinburgh.

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