What not to say and/or do at a school reunion (Rousse)

I was completely unaware that I was standing next to LC and KF when I said that the first couple of school reunions were very poorly organised. I quickly corrected myself by saying that the events themselves were fabulous. Rather it was establishing the guest list on Facebook that was the problem.

This reunion, however, was very special. Not only was the venue our school, but we had also travelled back in time to 1978 on the night of a school play. This meant that our parents, many of them younger than our age now, were also wandering the corridors with our younger selves.

I could see 15 year-old A through the window of a classroom. I declared that I was going in to warn her not to ruin her life by marrying S. The others held me back. It would be extremely dangerous to interfere in the time-space continuum.

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