Border crossings and spy work (Belle)

Although I had joined the stationery warehouse as an office junior, I was actually working with Dame Judi Dench for a spy network based in London in 1944. We had an enemy in our midst and I was tasked with befriending her and escorting her to the tube station.  As we chatted, one of my colleagues shoved the woman onto the tracks and under the train.  I was shocked – no-one had warned me this was about to happen.

Later, I went out for a stroll with the dog and with GH.  We walked across a long bridge and he turned to me and said, “Well, I’m crossing over to Canada now.  Bye”. This left me in an awkward position.  I had no passport, yet somehow I  had managed to leave the USA. The border guards took me to their staff room and I teased them about how badly Americans make tea.  I couldn’t tell if they were flirting with me or interrogating me.

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