Unsatisfactory Austrian holiday experience (Rousse)

It was a difficult flight. On several occasions the plane nose-dived and we feared for our lives, so we were relieved when we spotted the helicopter escort that would lead us into the Austrian village. It wasn’t too difficult to disembark from our landing spot, half way up the tree in which the plane dangled.

I raced to get to the front of the check-in line at hotel reception. I needn’t have bothered because everyone but us was registered on a single accommodation voucher, and the person who held those details reached reception before me.

We spent much of the first day of our holiday in a craft shop. The owners were clearly amateurs in shop design. When I climbed up a set of shelves to look at a porcelain ornament the whole structure came away from the wall because nobody had bothered to secure it.

Belle and I was amused to discover that a newly appointed shop assistant had just arrived from Leyburn in the Yorkshire Dales, and knew of CB.

The next day we were meant to be continuing our holiday in Turkey, but I slept beyond the time by which we were meant to join everyone else for the coach journey.

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