A relation from Barnsley (Rousse)

I recognised the man’s voice immediately, but what was my father doing at the conference?

When he stood up I could tell that this wasn’t my father after all, but someone who sounded and looked like him. He was even dressed like my father in a sage green suit. This had to be a relation of ours.

The man came from Barnsley and was 76 years of age (although he looked much younger). I pulled out my iPhone to photograph him, at which point he transformed into a tall, cool redhead in his twenties wearing tiger stripe socks. Now all likeness to my father was lost.

Despite this I still keen to show him how he resembled my father in his earlier form so I started to look for some photos to prove this. My companion soon became bored with waiting and said that he would now be leaving with his wife. I requested his email address so that I could send him the photos once found, but he refused to give it to me.

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