Dolly Parton and the unfaithful husband (Rousse)

Dolly Parton spoke to us before the concert from the window of her underground dressing room.

‘Make sure that you are in the 7-11 after the show so that my crew members have a chance of meeting some girls’.

I nodded in assent, then headed off, leaving TPR to speak to Dolly on his own. Their chat did not go well. In fact TPR was so distressed that immediately after he left Dolly he climbed to the top of a statue above Edinburgh’s Cowgate and threatened to jump.

I called 999, but the dizzy teenager at the other end of the line did not know what to do next.

‘Call the police negotiation team’ I insisted.

In the end I was the one who managed to talk TPR down. He told me that Dolly had driven him to the point of suicide by scolding him for being unfaithful to me while I was away.

‘Oh no, not again’, I groaned. ‘Who was it this time?’

‘Alison’, he confessed.

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