VIP wedding guests on the Thames (Rousse)

KJD invited me and TPR to her son J and K’s wedding. Since we had never before met KJD, nor any of the rest of the family for that matter, we were especially honoured to be seated next to the top table at the reception in the long, low redbrick caravan.

Our VIP status was confirmed later when the best man (small, neat, grey-haired) was instructed to be my chaperone for the rest of the day.

The marriage ceremony took place in a vast auditorium next to the River Thames. The seating was so flexible that it periodically switched lay-out. Whenever we were flown through the air to our new location we felt like we were enjoying a fairground ride.

I met nearly all the family at the wedding: GG was much shorter than I expected; KJD looked marvellous in a tight red satin ballgown which showed off her neat waist; O was very smiley; and KJD’s husband couldn’t stop snapping photos of me. KJD’s sister was missing, but this was understandable given the recent family tragedy.

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