Fare dodger prefers Settlers of Catan to Game of Thrones (Rousse)

I wanted more time with KR and JG so I jumped on the train that was taking them from the west coast of the US to the east. Not long into the journey I realised my mistake. I didn’t have a train ticket and, as a result, I would be heavily fined.

My only option was to leave the train at the earliest opportunity. Another passenger – a large blonde woman – gathered up her belongings in readiness to disembark at the next stop, so I followed her lead. In a friendly way she said that she would show me the way off the platform.

I was keen to avoid the ticket collector so I scurried along as fast as I could, still keeping the blonde woman in sight. Once safely out of the station I returned to her. I asked if she would be willing to lend me $50 with my wedding ring as a guarantee for future repayment. She agreed.

We were photographing the exchange when a tramp approached us and started spouting advice on how I should use the cash to buy my way into Game of Thrones. This was irrelevant. The only game that interested me was Settlers of Catan.

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