Things to do in Dumfries and Galloway (Rousse)

Just over the brow of the hill we would reach the beach with the enormous waves. I screamed at TPR to slow down – otherwise we risked being engulfed in sea water as soon as we hit the sand. I was right to warn him. The tide was so high that the water came all the way up the sand dunes and spilled onto the road.

We turned away from the water’s edge and drove into the Dumfries and Galloway market town. I had forgotten (if I had ever known) its old fashioned narrow medieval streets. We spotted the children coming out of school, including twin sisters with long red hair.

Another child in uniform grabbed my hand and invited me on a guided tour of the school during the lunch break while the impressive school orchestra was practising. Afterwards I heard this girl tell another pupil that I was a more interesting guest than the last one.

I intended afterwards to catch a bus back into town with RR and PR, but when I saw BP and EH in the revolving door EH offered me a lift. I was tempted to accept because this would give me some extra time to catch up with work. EH then told me about her early days in the job when colleagues used to disappear for hours on mysterious ‘placement visits’.

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