A disgraceful dip in the pool (Rousse)

It was a full hour before I was due to chair the presentation at Edinburgh University. I persuaded a couple of others that we had time to call in at the dancing conference on the way.

We entered a long hall where a Strip the willow as in full swing. Then I passed through a room where a woman was makin dancing shoes from soft, pale, leather. Finally I saw the swimming pool – and fell into it.

I had some difficulty getting out of the water with my flimsy linen trousers and top now transparent and my underwear on show. I was also worried that the beautiful shoes (bought brown, now dyed blue) from Nantes were ruined forever. Then there was the shame of having contaminated the pool.

I was now the most unpopular woman in Edinburgh – with precisely 40 minutes to get dry before my next gig along the road.

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