Intern adventures include Lord of the Rings team-building exercise on horseback #LOTR

I started my placement at an office that was just a five minute walk from my flat. I wasn’t the only intern: three pupils from Drummond High School had also been taken on by the firm. I found these children to be very lazy. One of the fathers transported them to and from work in a taxi.

MLX was also employed by the firm, apparently as a full-time consultant. She confided in me that she had given up her studies. I couldn’t be certain that she had informed ZCY of this bold move.

I found it quite difficult to work in the open plan office because it was so noisy. In addition, it seemed that most employees weren’t very interested in their work. Instead they preferred to sit about and eat biscuits.

On my first afternoon there was a team-building exercise on horseback. The activity was based on trekking scenes from Lord of the Rings. I made it known that I was not happy with this arrangement when there was so much work to do back at the office. Nevertheless, I still participated, and did particularly well in a mock fight with one of the others.

When the weekend came I resisted the temptation to slope off with the man that I fancied at my new workplace. Instead I stayed at home to watch GW deliver lectures in Swedish (with subtitles).

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