On course for a secret love affair (Rousse)

I was a student again. I’m not sure what motivated to study at undergraduate level once more, but I was enjoying the experience. The facilities at the University Birmingham thirty years since I first graduated were phenomenal.

I was even falling in love again. My beau was a young lad in his early twenties and on the same course as me. I could tell that he was attracted to me too. If only we would find a way to be alone together. My plan was to invite him to my hall of residence bedroom as soon as I got the chance. Of course we would have to keep our relationship secret from everyone. We’d be especially careful around SL and CA who were also on our course and knew TPR.

The day finally came when I would whisk my young man off to bed. However, all my plans were scuppered due to a surprise visit from TPR. I confessed nothing, but resented that my husband was getting in the way of my fun.

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