Nordic cruise comes to an end (Rousse)

Repacking all our belongings was a long and difficult job in our cruise ship cabin after our tour of the Nordic fjords. I couldn’t understand why we had brought cut-off wellies with us in the first place. Now I considered leaving them behind, along with various other extraneous items gathering in a pile in our cabin. The one thing that I must not discard, however, was the bunch of keys that I found at the bottom of a lime green carrier bag. Without these we could not get back into our car at the port, nor our flat at the end of the long journey home.

While I was busy packing, TPR was in the boat’s conservatory checking us in to a British Airways flight. He was hopeful that he could secure front of cabin seats. Unfortunately it was not to be.

I found it rather disturbing that before we had even left the boat the new holiday-makers were allowed on, and one had already climbed into TPR’s still-warm bed.

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