Bedroom and bathroom makeover with Moomins (Rousse)

I was so tired on the first night back at home after a long period away with work that I didn’t notice that anything was different. Even the next morning my first thought was only that the bathroom looked very clean. Then I noticed that the walls had changed colour from white to duck egg blue – and that all our bathroom ware had been replaced. There was no longer a traditional bath, but a huge shower with a cut out area in the base in which to soak. The entire colour scheme was ice blue. It was lovely!

When I stepped back into the bedroom I was in for a similar surprise. TPR had redecorated. Gone was the purple tulip wallpaper and in its place was a modern bold design in turquoise, green and gold featuring angular exotic birds. The bed had been moved to face the garden window, and above it two new windows had been added. The curtains had been changed to match the new colour scheme too. I was astonished that TPR had taken the initiative to do this on his own, and had chosen fabric that actually looked OK. I loved the new lighting too: three different types of lamp hung from the ceiling in clusters, including a chandelier.

Best of all, however, was my dressing table, which had been converted into a shrine of all things Moomin. It looked like half the stock of the Moomin store at Helsinki airport had been transported to our bedroom, including every possible trinket associated with the world’s most famous troll family.

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