Vinyl comeback Queen in Kendal (Rousse)

Queen of the dance floor KA decided that it was time to change the music. She marched up to the small household record player and placed a thin vinyl record above another one that was already on the turntable. Then she carefully positioned the needle for play.

I wasn’t sure that this would work, largely because KA’s record was not a complete disc in shape. KA assured me that this was not a problem: modern record players could now cope with recorded music in all shapes and sizes.

Afterwards we wandered through to the main dance area. The party was due to go on until 6:00am, but first they needed to clear the hall of a conference poster session. In the distance we saw NY and SY standing next to a display. We decided to surprise them, as did HW.

Then I kissed the DJ. He an old pal of TPR’s from his boom days, and now a permanent resident of Kendal.

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