White rabbit moves in with deer (Rousse)

I lay in the bath pondering the state of my surroundings. TPR had done his best to make minor repairs to the bathroom but they could hardly be called professional: the toilet roll holder was crammed into a corner where it was positioned off-centre, and all the tap fittings were wobbly.

Then I remembered that the man with the white rabbit had said that he was going to call over. I hauled myself out of the water and got dressed.

The white rabbit came in a cage, but wanted to be let out. I wasn’t sure about allowing it on the bedroom carpet so opened the back door so that the wee creature could go for a run across the lawn. What a mistake that was! It disappeared through the garden wall.

After a long trail through the streets of Edinburgh we found that the white rabbit had taken up residence in a pocket of countryside in the city centre, along with a couple of wild deer.

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