Walking on the Isle of Lewis (Rousse)

Since the ‘improvements’ to the guest house on the Isle of Lewis it now boasted a series of public rooms on the scale of a country house hotel, with a smart décor all deep red and burnished gold. The proprietor was also offering special deals to his favourite guests. For our friend HJ, for example, he was prepared to return her by car to Edinburgh from the Isle of Lewis after her short stay.

Meanwhile MB asked if I would like to go out for a walk. She had her small dog with her. Since I also had a pale yellow 6-week old Labrador puppy, she thought that the two dogs would make good friends. The (male) pup was definitely interested in her wee (female) dog – to the extent that I realised that I would have to take him to the vet quite soon. MB was also keen for my two sisters to join us on the walk. Her ulterior motive was to photograph us. I very much doubted that J and S would be up for this. Even I was dubious: I would look so much better if I were wearing make-up.

It took me ages to get the party together for the walk. The main problem was me. First I needed to fetch my glasses from my bedroom (I didn’t really – they were on the end of my nose), then I realised that I couldn’t go out walking barefoot so it was back to the bedroom to hunt for trainers or boots, and finally I was too scared to scale the steep steps down from the main entrance to the house to join the others in the lane below.

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