An illogical trip to Birmingham (Rousse)

I popped out of our Broughton Street tenement and down to the corner shop. I needed some extra milk because AMcN and her husband PP had just rung to say that they wanted to take a break on their journey south. They decided to call in for a cup of tea with us and I was, of course, delighted.

When I returned to our building I discovered that a great crevasse had opened just inside the door. There was no way that I could get back upstairs to my flat.

I managed to track down the millionaire who lived in the penthouse at the top of the building and told him of my discovery. He bundled me into the car and we set off to West Midlands to find out what had happened to Broughton Street. As he drove us the wrong way down the Pershore Road I began to doubt that we would find in Birmingham the answers to questions about a building in Edinburgh.

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