Julian Clary, seals, and a dolphin on the Isle of Harris (Rousse)

Comedian Julian Clary led the workshop in a house just above the village beach in Northton, South Harris. As well as displaying his extensive knowledge of local archaeology and wildlife, he also performed magic for his audience. Like everyone else I was enthralled. However, at a crucial moment in a card trick I could tell that the deck contained some fake, double-backed playing cards, and the spell was broken.

Disappointed, I turned away from the performance and glanced out of the window to scan the bay for wildlife. Suddenly a dozen or so seals and a performing dolphin popped out of the water close to the shoreline. Everyone raced for their cameras. Unfortunately for me the battery was dead in mine and I missed one of the best opportunities for a superb wildlife shot. I believed that TPR had our other camera just along the road at D and A’s house, so I set off to find him.

Before I had the chance to tell TPR about the amazing wildlife display and ask him about the spare camera he made an announcement that filled me with joy. “You’re right”, he said. “Let’s buy a house in Northton. We can stay here in the summer and move back to Edinburgh in wintertime”.

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