Primary school reunion mission thwarted (Rousse)

This was – apparently – a Hartburn Primary School reunion. We were given the run of the school itself. I enjoyed a quick peek in the kitchens, which hadn’t changed a jot in 40 years.

My main quarry, however, was PC. ECM was keen to make contact with him and had appointed me as her go-between since she was unable to attend. Lunchtime might have been a good time to make contact, but proved to be a missed opportunity when TPR (conscious of my mission) was too shy to raise the issue with PC (seated right next to him).

After the meal I followed PC to a stone wall at the edge of the field and finally broached the subject of ECM’s suggestion. He dismissed it outright, paying more attention to the recent arrival of one of the biggest school bullies (and, incidentally, the girl responsible for the scar on my right knee). He also expressed surprise that I was carrying a camera around with me. “This is a school reunion” I replied, “And it is customary to take photos at events such as this”.

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1 Response to Primary school reunion mission thwarted (Rousse)

  1. eileencwhite says:

    ha ha ha…… to get in contact with him now! x

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