Rousse bakes mini lemon meringue pies while her husband holds court in the bath

My first problem was that I had to choose between three competing commitments all taking place on the same night. My second was that I had promised my boss that I would attend one of them. However, I now had no intention of spending the evening at the Scottish computing industry dinner – not since I’d heard the news that NY would soon be in town! Even TPR was left on his own to cope with his work visitors. They would just have to suffer the disappointment of discovering that I was suddenly unavailable to welcome them to our flat.

My top priority for the evening was to cook a series of mini lemon meringue pies for NY and serve them to him cold, straight from the fridge, just as soon as he reached Edinburgh. Meanwhile TPR’s solution to my lack of availability was to receive each of his colleagues, one at a time, in the bath.

So two of the commitments were actually covered. It was just a pity that my boss was going to kill me the next day for missing a unique opportunity to network with the elite of the Scottish computing industry.

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