Arson at the abbey, two weddings, a ‘death’ and a strange theft (Belle)

In a dream within a dream I travelled to Wales to attend a wedding at an ancient abbey. On arrival I was astonished to learn that the bride and groom had planned to cover the cost of the wedding by carrying out an arson attack the night before. All had not gone to plan, however, and the abbey was in ruins and the bride was feared dead.

Gradually I realised that I was asleep and someone was making a lot of noise outside my front door. I woke up and opened the door to discover that:
1. someone had stolen the number off my front door and taken the doorstep
2. I had received an invitation to the wedding I had just dreamt about explaining that the death had been faked so the bride could participate in an undercover investigation.

It must have been a pretty poor investigation if she was revealing the truth so soon, I thought. Despite my resentment I attended the second ceremony, this time in Nunhead Cemetery. As part of the entertainment, the guests were being shown how to mend industrial air conditioning pipework by young men standing on ladders. I bumped into the man I secretly admired and realised I liked him so much I could forgive his dreadful orange shirt.

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