Beware iPhone e-mail reconnection charges and approaching traffic (Rousse)

Although I was on holiday I couldn’t resist checking in on campus. Here I found a few close colleagues (DB, EH) taking a group of foreign staff and students out for lunch. Some walked to the restaurant, and others cycled. All those on bikes were from countries that drive on the right hand side. They were oblivious to the fact that in the UK we drive on the left. As I chased up the road screaming that their lives were in danger two trandems passed me in the opposite direction. It was really quite difficult to know where to focus my attention.

After my holiday I reactivated the e-mail function on my iPhone. A bell sounded as each new item dropped into my in-box – as did a mounting charge for reconnection. Now I appreciated how telecom companies fleece their pay-as-you-go customers.

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