David Baddiel and love (Rousse)

There was nobody more astonished than I was when David Baddiel fell in love with me.

We first met through friends, and now we were inseparable. We chatted for hours (I confessed that I used to listen to his football world cup shows with Frank Skinner on Radio 5 Live, hardly understanding  of his commentary), and I even plucked up the courage to take him to my mother’s house (although I didn’t let him see the mess upstairs).

David was incredibly caring and polite. He did not seem concerned that my advanced age would rule out our ever having children together; he dodged my question about his relationship with Rob Brydon by pointing out that Rob spends much time out of the country these days.

The best reaction to my new boyfriend came when I introduced him to one of my old admin colleagues. She first glanced at him, nodded a polite hello, and started to turn away. Then something made her take a second look.

‘Oh, he’s that David!’ she exclaimed. Now, strangely, she was extremely interested in my love life.

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