Suing CalMac for ruining ‘holiday of a lifetime’ (Rousse)

We disembarked the CalMac ferry in Stornoway and stood on the dock to wait for the staff to bring our bikes up from the car deck. It soon became evident that the bikes were no longer stowed below. Eventually we discovered that they had been thrown overboard into the sea, just as the boat came into port.

Some way along the coast, we saw random bike frames and wheels tossing about in the waves. We waded into the water to search for our own bikes, but they were nowhere to be seen. Instead, I picked up a 3-gear girl’s bike from the 1970s. This would have to do for the time being.

TPR also found a temporary steed. He rushed back to Stornoway to hire a top maritime lawyer. We would sue Calmac for ruining our ‘holiday of a lifetume’.

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