Kidnapped kept woman (Rousse)

I was kidnapped twice. On each occasion my kidnapper was one of my former drama teachers.

The first time TPR rescued me and took me to live in his white-washed bungalow in the countryside. Then one day I made the mistake of answering the doorbell in my pyjamas and was taken again. On this occasion my captor was disguised as a labourer. During the pursuit I managed to shake him off for a while, but he eventually grabbed me at Green Park tube station in London.

My second kidnapper adored me, showering me with jewels. However, I was very unhappy. I was constantly monitored, and never allowed any time to myself. Even shop staff knew never to let me out of their sight.

When I asked a jeweller if I could use the shop phone (because I had ‘accidentally’ left mine at home), she refused my request. I would never be able to tell TPR what had become of me.

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