Mobility scooter road hog emigrates to Canada (Rousse)

TPR finally confessed that he had been unfaithful to me for years, having slept with numerous women from the very start of his career. I was not entirely surprised, but it was a real shock that he was leaving me for Rebecca, his most recent conquest. Distraught, I sped west along Edinburgh’s Princes Street on my mother’s mobility scooter into the face of east-bound traffic.

Having survived my perilous journey, I abandoned the scooter in a side street and entered an art gallery shop. Here I picked up two Paisley silk lined cashmere scarves and bit into them. Because I tore the material, I now had buy them. This was not a cheap purchase at £140.

At the till, I told the cashier and the other queuing customers that I really had no choice as to how to spend the rest of my life. I would move to Canada and marry BD.

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