Rocks and socks (Rousse)

My work colleagues discovered that there were restaurants open high in the hills. You could even drink there, provided that you brought your own supply of alcohol.

We all packed rucksacks and set off. My bag was the most important: I was carrying the booze.

I had never been so far up the mountains before. The rock formations were very beautiful at such close quarters. My friend DJ and I paused along the route to replicate them in miniature by making carvings in the same red stone. DJ made one, and I two.

Rather than carry everything all the way to the restaurant, we opted to return our creations to base. We sped downhill by the ski run, using our boots as mini snowboards. This was great fun, even though I lost my carvings en route.

Back in the village, we forgot all about my colleagues high in the hills waiting for their drink. Instead we joined a chalet party. Here I made friends with a woman in a Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre T shirt. She thought that I looked very young for my advancing years.

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